Going to Arizona

My family went to Phoenix, Arizona when I was about 6 years old. For me, this was a completely new experience because half of the things i saw there were amazing and we had never gone out of state for spring break before. It was probably my favorite vacation besides Disney Wolrd. Awe got to stay in a really fancy hotel with 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a whole kitchen, and a big buffet in the lobby. I can’t believe my dad wasn’t able to come. He would’ve loved it. Anyway, we hung out for a day and got settled in. We just kind of drove around looking at restaurants and looking at the giant cacti on the side of the road. The main thing we wanted to do when we got to Arizona was go visit the Grand Canyon. We did and we gazed at the top of different peaks and took lots of pictures. It was really fascinating. I always that I was going to fall off when I was on the edge. But it never did. After the Grand Canyon, we went back to the hotel and went to the pool and swam in the near 90 degree weather. My sister, Emily wanted to sign up for horseback riding lessons. My mom did. The day of her first lesson, i came up with a fever. i kept telling my mom that i didn’t want to come to her lesson because i was tired. But she just thought that I was a little tired and trying to get out of going with. But she made me come with. Once we got there, they all started riding, and my mom was reading magazines and books for 2 hours while after about 5 minutes of being super tired, i fell asleep. AI woke up 2 hours later and saw that her lesson was over early. I asked why and she said taht halfway on their ride, there was rattlesnake, so they had to turn back. when we got back home, my mom took my temperature and it was 102 degrees. I was sick for another day or so until i got better. One night, we were watching TV and my mo saw a possum, so we ran out and we called room service and they got it. Well that was weird.

All in all, The trip may have been my favorite family vacation ever, despite the fact that my dad couldn’t come. I still had a great time.

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