My Experience playing piano

I have been playing piano for about 6 years now. I really love playing it. But how did I first get interested in it? Well, it’s a long story.

I didn’t actually start playing piano first. It was my sister who played it first. She had a piano teacher from just down the street. She started in about 2004. She was just learning the basics. But she started getting good. Occasionally, I would start banging on the piano not knowing what I’m doing. But my mom knew how to play so she just kind of taught me how to play a little bit. I started with a basic book. Just the first song was enough for me to want to play it for everyone who stopped by. As I just started learning the basics, my sister was complaining about how her theory work is a waste of time. She kept saying that she didn’t want to play piano anymore. But my mom kept her in classes. Over the next few weeks, she wasn’t really practicing at all. Finally, my mom couldn’t take it anymore. So she just pulled her out of lessons. Then I asked my mom if I could start taking lessons. She said if you really want to do it, then you must commit to it and not be like my sister, Emily. But I still agreed. So she signed me up for lessons.

On my first lesson, my teacher was surprised of what I already knew at a young age. I was just progressing through the book rapidly. I nearly didn’t even have to practice. The first time I tried it, I would get the piece almost right away. But I always had problems with tempo, and I still do today. As I kept going on still taking lessons, not giving up, my mom said that I was getting to a more advanced level than her. Only then did I realize how far I have gone. My mom was an amazing pianist, at least I thought she had mad skills when I was four. I still loved playing piano, and my parents loved how far I was going into this. Once, I got to harder levels, I had to start practicing more and it would take around 3 to 4 weeks to get a piece down. But, my piano teacher, Ms.Rice, she announced that she was moving to Pennsylvania. She was my favorite teacher. At least I thought there wasn’t going to be another teacher like her.

I had no piano teacher for a few months. We took a break from it in the summer until we started looking for another piano teacher around the area. And surely, we did. Her name was Ms.Allen. She was an older piano teacher, so she was far more advanced in piano than my old teacher. She pushed me a lot harder in piano, having me practice a lot, and correcting me about every little tiny mistake possible. That’s why it took me a lot of getting used to. But also, as I got older, I started doing more things like soccer and guitar, and getting a lot more school work. I didn’t have as much time to play piano now. But I still was playing, but progressing slowly past different jazz, rags, and blues books. I loved the jazzy and blues style of music and I was really trying to commit to it. But one point, she said that she has taught me all of what she knows, and she won’t be able to keep teaching me piano. So we again looked for a new teacher. We found one that would take me way farther into the world of music. We found a great and fun teacher about 15 minutes away. So we tried to fit ourselves in with all of his other students. Sure enough, we got a time at 6:30. I am taking lessons with him today, and he is taking me through bit by bit with different very long pieces. Even on the first day of lessons with him, He taught me a lot about arm strength and where the power in your arms is coming, and use that energy to play piano. He is teaching me lots of new things

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